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We’re your Girl Friday! Where personalized assistance ​meets exceptional service. Think of us as dedicated ​assistants, ready to make your life easier by handling a ​myriad of tasks, so you can focus on what matters most. ​Whether you're a small business owner seeking efficient ​support, a real estate professional with a busy schedule, or ​a mom who needs help with getting it all done, Girl Friday ​is your go-to partner for seamless solutions.

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Home/Personal Services

  • House Sitting
  • Waiting Services
  • Special Occasion Services
  • Errands + Personal Services
  • Food Pick Up + Delivery
  • Meat, Produce + Meal Prep
  • Hospital/Homebound Services
  • Senior Services

Business Services

  • Virtual Small Business Assistance
  • Mobile Notary Service
  • Office Party or Event Planning
  • Travel Services
  • Social Media Management
  • Service/Rate Research
  • Courier Delivery Services
  • Real Estate Professional Support

If you are in need of a service Girl Friday does not offer, you can bet we know who does! We have a wide array of trusted referrals! So go ahead, tASK us!​


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A core package for occasional ​assistance and short-term needs. ​Includes 5 hours per month.

Ideal for busy moms, post surgery ​recovery/home bound individuals.

$169 per month

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A well-rounded package for those ​who need assistance with a variety of ​tasks. Includes 10 hours per month.

Perfect for small business owners and ​individuals with moderate needs.

$329 per month

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A comprehensive package for those ​who need dedicated assistance. ​Includes 15 hours per month.

Tailored for professionals with ​demanding schedules.

$479 per month​

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Custom P​ackage

We would love to create a

custom package based on your

specific tASK needs.

Please give us a call or submit a ​tASK request here.

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Hourly Rate

Just need help for an hour or two?

We’d love to help!

$35 per hour

*Take $5 off per hour with cash pay.

Package hours must be spread evenly throughout the month. Hourly rate requires a one hour minimum. Hourly rates can be added to ​packages. Tasks include up to 20 miles driving. Please add $.67 for each additional mile.

New Baby Concierge Package

Having a new baby is a joyous occasion that should be spent bonding with you and ​your baby healing from childbirth. Unfortunately, oftentimes we are expected to pick ​right back up where we left off.

At Girl Friday, we believe strongly that every new mother deserves a helping hand. ​We're happy to be there for you to get all your daytime chores and errands ​accomplished. As well as your personal referral resource for all things newborn to ​include lactation consultant, infant massage, baby proofing, and more.

Package includes 18 hours over 4-6 weeks


Ab​out Us

At Girl Friday our mission is to transform the ordinary into the ​extraordinary by providing unparalleled personal concierge services. ​We are dedicated to enhancing the lives of our clients by alleviating the ​burden of daily tasks, empowering them to reclaim precious time for ​what truly matters. Through unwavering commitment to exceptional ​service, meticulous attention to detail, and a passion for exceeding ​expectations, we aspire to be the trusted ally that enables our clients to ​live more fully, work more efficiently, and savor the moments that make ​life extraordinary. At Girl Friday, we don't just manage tasks; we curate ​experiences, crafting a seamless blend of convenience, luxury, and ​personalized care. Our mission is to be the catalyst for a life less ​encumbered and more enriched, leaving an indelible mark on every ​journey we undertake with our valued clients.

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Areas of service

Boerne and the surrounding Hill Country

Virtual assistance available anywhere


Hours of operation

Weekdays 7am - 7pm

Weekends by request

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